SaniProNet provides real solutions for infection control at your home or business.  Our products and equipment put you in control of eliminating bacteria, viruses, and odors regardless of the project.


SaniProNet offers a complete line of disinfectants, sanitizers, mold preventatives, and anti-microbial protectants to provide security against infection of bacteria and viruses.


Our air-assisted electrostatic spray-gun applies chemicals efficiently and effectively.  The electrostatic charge ensures that even the hard to reach places are coated evenly providing comprehensive bio-security, fighting MRSA, E. Coli, salmonella, swine flu, C. Diff, H1N1, and various other bacteria and viruses.


SaniProNet provides resources to the Sanitizing Professional Network related to training, marketing, and communication to assist your clients with understanding and clarity related to the elimination of bacteria and viruses in their homes and businesses.