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(4) 1 gallon bottles – Coverage = 3,000 sq ft per gallon.

With Up To 30 Days, It’s The Antimicrobial Valedictorian of Protective Barriers. Penetrexx Antimicrobial is an EPA registered Bio-Static product that effectively reduces the risk of cross contamination of a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold, fungi, algae, and yeast on a wide variety of treated surfaces. The beauty of this technology is that it relies on electrically charged particles that have a unique spiked molecular structure. In nature, most microbes carry the opposite electrical charge… so they are physically and irresistibly drawn into contact with Penetrexx pointed molecules. The physical contact punctures the cell walls of the offending microbes. These molecular spikes are undetectable to human touch, but more than a match for single-cell organisms.

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